SOLIDWORKS Electrical schematic design capabilities simplify development of embedded electrical systems with single-line and multi-line schematic tools for planning your electrical systems. I asked Digital Dimensions Application Engineer, Brad Rach, about his favorite features of SOLIDWORKS Electrical and this is what he had to say:

Number One: Collaborative Environment

Work collaboratively with your cross-discipline teams– sharing documents relevant to the project and offering a greater level of transparency through the design process.

Number Two: Automated Reports

Creating BOMs, wire lists, and terminal block drawings is simplified with this software. With the click of a button you can generate your design relevant supporting documents, including: wire lists with appropriate wire length calculation communicated from SOLIDWORKS, a detailed Bill of Materials accounting for all the components in the electrical design, and connections lists that automatically update.

Number Three: Intuitive and Response Searches

The SOLIDWORKS Electrical backbone allows for advanced filtering of
the various libraries to more easily locate your desired components. Can’t remember the part number of that contractor? A quick search dialog will allow you to set the parameters of the component you are attempting to identify.

Number Four: Automatic Component Designators

The software identifies new components with the next preset designator to save the headache of keeping track of it on your own.

Number Five: Integrated Revision Control

Revision control of your Electrical Projects is built in with SOLIDWORKS Electrical. You can validate, verify, and release your design from directly within the project.

Number Six: Improve Quality of Finished Designs

SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows you to utilize 3D models to foresee potential design problems like using an exceptionally large component in an exceptionally small cabinet.

Number Seven: Reutilize Old Library Symbols

Comfortable with your existing 2,000 symbol library in Visio? Those symbols can easily import for use in SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

Number Eight: Design Rules Check

SOLIDWORKS Electrical can point out commonly overlooked design flaws or inconsistencies to improve the design and review process.


If you would like to learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical or request a product quote, please complete this short form. In addition, Digital Dimensions is hosting several webinars this January, including one focusing on SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Click here for descriptions and details. 

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Join us next Tuesday at the Kern County SOLIDWORKS User Group meeting at Bakersfield College to hear our own Cody Armstrong present ‘Tips & Tricks with SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal and Weldments.’

In addition, two very special guests will be there as well—Greg Jankowski of SOLIDWORKS and Richard Doyle from SOLIDWORKS User Group Network will be presenting as well as answering questions you may have.

Greg Jankowski is the User Advocacy Senior Director, Content & Community R&D and Strategy at SOLIDWORKS Corp. He is the author of SOLIDWORKS for Dummies, SOLIDWORKS for AutoCAD Users and the e-book Exploring SOLIDWORKS. Greg is a regular columnist in Cadalyst and SOLIDWORKS Express magazine.

Richard Doyle’s official title is Senior User Advocacy & SOLIDWORKS User Groups – but most people just call him “The User Group Guy”. Richard has been a SOLIDWORKS user since 1997 and was one of the founding members of the SWUGN Committee. Since starting the Central Texas SOLIDWORKS User Group in 1999, his career path has led him to DS SOLIDWORKS and a dream job supporting the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network worldwide.

Don’t miss the free food, drinks, and raffle prizes. More User Group Information located at

Event Details:

  • Tuesday, December 9, 2014
  • 6:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Bakersfield College, 1801 Panorama Drive, Bakersfield, CA.
  • Science/Engineering (SE) Building, Room SW45
  • Register Here


Register Here


Hope to see you there!

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The San Diego SOLIDWORKS User Group is one of the longest running user groups in the country and was awarded the User Group of the Year in 2013. I got involved with the group several years ago to gain more knowledge about SOLIDWORKS, from other users, not easily attained from textbooks, classroom instruction or teaching. I also enjoy meeting with our customers outside the normal work environment and learning more about how they are actually using SOLIDWORKS to get their jobs done.

The San Diego SOLIDWORKS User Group (SDSWUG) meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month and the next meeting is coming up soon on November 12th from 6:30pm-9:00pm. The location is at One Heart-One Mind, 11211 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite G, San Diego, CA 92121.


  • 6:30-7:00 Registration, Pizza / Beverages, and welcome
  • 7:00-7:30 Release and Blog Information/Questions, Open Discussion
  • 7:30-9:00 Main Presentation

SOLIDWORKS User Group meetings are a place to gain knowledge and further insight within SOLIDWORKS and related products, socialize, and network. People from all industries and skill levels can attend and both SOLIDWORKS users and non-users are welcome. There are no fees and pizza and beverages will be served. In addition, there is a raffle at the end of each meeting.

Two meetings ago on September 10th, Trevor Bailey, an Application Engineer from San Diego CADCAM, Inc., showed Mastercam using SOLIDWORKS models to create tool paths for manufacturing.

At the last meeting on October 8th, we had Robert O’Neill, who has his own design consulting firm and is a long-time SOLIDWORKS user, as the main presenter. He went over “How to get the red out” of your feature tree of models and assemblies. He also reviewed some of the modeling best practices, including: dimensioning to edges not fillets, layout sketches, and using centerlines. In addition, he went through some trouble-shooting techniques that help to fix errors and warnings.

For further information on the San Diego SOLIDWORKS User Group, please go to If you would like to present at an upcoming meeting, please contact Ed Pasqual at

Upcoming presenters include:

  • November 12th Phil Sluder, mechanical engineer, owner of TriAxial Design and Analysis, and leader of the San Diego SOLIDWORKS User group’ will present “What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015. This will include what’s new in parts, assemblies and sketches.
  • December 10th Mike Puckett, who is a SOLIDWORKS Certification Specialist, will be going over the latest certification tests and will have some surprise gifts for all who attend the meeting.
  • January 14th I will be presenting a Sketcher Workshop on shortcuts, tips and tricks on relations and dimensioning in sketches. Advanced topics will include splines, projected curves and 3D Sketches.
Additional details can be found here.

Hope to see you all there!


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At Digital Dimensions we know purchasing software can sometimes be daunting, time-consuming, and expensive– which is why we do our best to make purchasing a SOLIDWORKS solution as easy and headache free as possible.

To help make things easier for you, we are able to offer several End-of-Year saving packages that can be customized to fit your needs. From different software solutions to payment deferral, we can help get you using SOLIDWORKS immediately.

Some of the savings we are able to offer, include:

SOLIDWORKS Professional for the Price of Standard

  • Two seat minimum purchase and must include SOLIDWORKS Professional subscription on both seats.

SOLIDWORKS Premium for the Price of Professional

  • Two seat minimum purchase and must include SOLIDWORKS Premium subscription on both seats.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D “Trade-up” Program

  • Huge savings with one or two seat and full year subscription.

  • Each seat includes a single user access to a free “SOLIDWORKS Electrical Live Get Started Two Hour Pre-training” webinar hosted by SOLIDWORKS Electrical Specialist.

A SOLIDWORKS solution can help save your company money, time, and most of all, it can help cure a lot of the headaches you may be facing when it comes to your 3D CAD needs. In addition to these End-of-Year savings, Digital Dimensions offers many training classes that can get you ramped up on the new software in no time.

Complete this short form and a specialist will be in touch shortly with more information about a custom incentive package that will best fit your needs.

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October was a busy month for Digital Dimensions. We launched SOLIDWORKS 2015 in seven event locations across Arizona and California. We had great attendance across the board and are so excited to have been able to show all the new enhancements of SOLIDWORKS 2015, including all the huge time-saving features of the new software.

Our Launch Event Tour started off in Tucson at the beginning of this month and ended just last Thursday in Bakersfield. Along the way we met with many of our customers and non-customers who all have varying degrees of SOLIDWORKS experience. We reviewed everything from new workflows to file reduction to the changes that came along to SOLIDWORKS Inspection and SOLIDWORKS Electrical that can greatly increase your efficiency and decrease development time.

Gordon Pursel, DDi’s Product Manager, and his team of Application Engineers including Brad Rach and Cody Armstrong, put together many outstanding breakout sessions from topics like ‘Optimizing Flow and Thermal Simulation’ to ‘Estimating Part Cost with SOLIDWORKS Costing.’ We received a lot of positive feedback about these sessions and if you’re interested in hearing more about a specific topic, please make sure to request more information at the link below and Gordon and his team can schedule some time to discuss.

To continue your SOLIDWORKS 2015 education, DDi is offering several SOLIDWORKS 2015 Update Training classes that you can attend at no cost if you are a current subscription service customer. We will also be continuing our monthly webinar series that the tech team assembles based on feedback from our customers on what you want to learn about most. Our SOLIDWORKS training classes continue to be offered on everything from SOLIDWORKS Essentials to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and everything in between.

Click here and select your city for our updated training class schedule, upcoming events, and webinar information.

SOLIDWORKS 2015 is now available to download and can be done simply with an online code. If you’re interesting in requesting a SOLIDWORKS 2015 quote, click here.

You can request more information on any of our products, training classes, demos or just to schedule a meeting by completing this very short form so one of our team members can get back to you quickly with the information you requested.

Thank you to all those who attended one of our SOLIDWORKS 2015 Launch Events!

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Get in the fast lane with SOLIDWORKS 2015 as we review all the new features of the software like only DDi can. Join us starting next week as we host our SOLIDWORKS 2015 Launch Events co-sponsored by HP|Intel. We’ll be holding a general session in the morning and spend the afternoon at different breakout sessions with the topics of most interest to you.

Our team of engineers, along with DS SOLIDWORKS technical employees, will be on hand to make sure you leave knowing all the key enhancements, tips & tricks, and additions to SOLIDWORKS 2015. Stay ahead of your competition with key insights into the newest SOLIDWORKS software that you can only get by attending.

Breakout sessions in most locations include:

  • Optimizing Fluid Flow and Thermal Performance
  • Sketching Workshop
  • Organizing Files and Revisions
  • Optimizing Structural Performance
  • Mastering Configurations
  • Integrating Electrical Schematics and P&ID
  • Trust me, I’m an Engineer
  • Estimating Part Cost with SOLIDWORKS Costing
  • Winning Technical Communications
  • Plastic Injection Mold Flow
  • Large Assembly Best Practices
  • Easy Inspection Documentation

The event includes lunch and is free to all those who register. Make sure to reserve your spot before it’s too late!

Get locations, breakout session details, and register by clicking here.

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Every month we try to find small technical tips in the SOLIDWORKS products to share with users. Here are the top tips for September:

Isolate Changed Dimensions on Drawings – Learn how to set SOLIDWORKS to find changed dimensions on drawings.







Overview of SOLIDWORKS Composer Player – This CADcast provides a walk-through of the SOLIDWORKS Composer player.





 Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation to Save Custom Materials – Learn how to save custom materials in a custom material database for use in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.





Shift Select for Accurate Stock Definition in CAMWorks – Create stock definition based on WIP within CAMWorks for more accurate simulations.

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By now, you’ve probably heard the buzz (pun intended:  Mains Hum) surrounding SOLIDWORKS Electrical– either coming from us or maybe your buddy who has been using the software for awhile now– but you’re still left with some questions about how this tool can help simplify your every day processes. I wanted to write this blog to share some of my own insights into the product and to give you a look at how I use the tool.

Communication between engineers is always a challenge, even in the most hospitable environment. Usually, as engineers, we have some notion of how we believe things should progress or function and when someone has differing views, confusion runs rampant. For those of you that work in multi-discipline engineering teams, you can probably attest to communication difficulties that happen when trying to translate different deliverables from each team– whether it’s formatting issues or simply finding the right file– it’s a headache. Even mechanical engineers experienced with electrical schematics often have a hard time delivering designs that are easily compatible with what the Electrical Engineer needs, often they’re confusing, ambiguous, or just plain wrong. But this is where SOLIDWORKS Electrical can make everyone’s life just a little bit easier. SOLIDWORKS has long been known as a tool that made the Mechanical Engineers job easier and offered a process for improved quality toward an end product… Now with the introduction of SOLIDWORKS Electrical, it’s providing the same improvements for the Electrical Engineer while becoming more transparent with the project design process and offering a better form of collaboration and communication between Electrical and Mechanical teams.

As a ME, I’ve long been spoiled from the fact that my Bill of Materials are auto-populated. Every component I use gets inserted into my assemblies then shows up on a nice clean table with automatic counting completed. Unfortunately, a majority of Electrical Engineers utilize tools that still require them to perform time-consuming and inefficient counting on their finished schematics to fill in excel tables which they then refer to as the Bill of Materials. This process is extremely tedious and can lead to many costly errors. However, SOLIDWORKS Electrical fixes all this by automatically tracking the components used and inserting them into an automatically populated, detailed Bill of Materials.

That is just one of many functions within SOLIDWORKS Electrical, amounting to a huge savings in both time and money spent on asprin to alleviate your headache from counting and recounting similar symbols. Now to get away from a simple feature discussions we can broach workflow potential. Mechanically oriented teams often spend significant amounts of time trying to understand how components are oriented, placed, and connected; whether the time is spent parsing the schematics themselves or having an Electrical Engineer sit in a meeting to explain the intention. SOLIDWORKS Electrical helps to alleviate this pain by offering Mechanical Engineers the ability to quickly delve into the electrical aspects of the design with plenty of material to support them in the process of understanding how the project is intended to be completed.

There are a lot of ways that SOLIDWORKS Electrical can help your team and this is just my experience in how it has helped me. If you would like to get more information or request a quote, you can do that here or you can email me at

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Join us for a Lunch and Learn seminar at a Digital Dimensions office near you. These quick and informative events will showcase the SOLIDWORKS product line. You will discover different ways to utilize SOLIDWORKS to address common design problems and valuable information will be gained by users of all experience levels. Sessions are held from 11:45am to 1:15pm  and lunch is on us!

These FREE sessions will fill up fast, so reserve your spot in one or all in your area!

Lunch and Learn Topic     Date
   Tucson Aug. 26
   San Diego Aug. 29
   Phoenix Aug. 29
   Fresno Sept 16
   Sacramento Sept 18
   San Diego Sept 19
   Phoenix Sept 19
   Tucson Sept 24


Great Designs Start Here! During these FREE hands-on sessions, one of our certified engineers will teach you how to use each SOLIDWORKS product. You will experience for yourself the ease of use and powerful capabilities that can improve your work experience.

San Diego Time
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Hands-on Test Drive 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
SOLIDWORKS Hands-on Test Drive 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
SOLIDWORKS Hands-on Test Drive 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
see all upcoming San Diego events
SOLIDWORKS Hands-on Test Drive 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Hands-on Test Drive 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
see all upcoming Phoenix events
SOLIDWORKS Hands-on Test Drive 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Hands-on Test Drive 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
SOLIDWORKS Hands-on Test Drive 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
see all upcoming Tucson events
SOLIDWORKS Hands-on Test Drive 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Hands-on Test Drive 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
see all upcoming Fresno events
Introduction to SOLIDWORKS 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Hands-on Test Drive 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
see all upcoming Sacramento events

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The main draw of SOLIDWORKS Electrical that I’ve found reinforced from the Engineering community is that Electrical and Mechanical teams can work more productively together thanks to the increased collaboration that comes from using the software. This is because SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows for the Electrical-Mechanical design process to become truly integrated by connecting electrical schematics and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with a common project database. This integrated process is very unique to SOLIDWORKS Electrical and has greatly improved how Electrical and Mechanical cross-functional teams collaborate in a way that was virtually impossible before SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

Everyone wins– EE’s win because they can rapidly layout their multi-line and single line schematics while building in the intelligence to make downstream processes easier and ME’s win because they can more accurately define the paths for power and control systems in real time because they are working tandem with the EE’s.

As components are specified and systems are schematically connected, they are instantly available to integrate within the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD model. Real-time synchronization of the electrical schematic and 3D CAD model enables unification of the Bill of Materials (BOM) between the electrical system and the mechanical design, eliminating design errors and reducing wrong component orders.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides a range capabilities. Below are a few I find to be very helpful:

  • Delivers a complete documentation package including schematics, Bill of Materials, 3D models

  • Integrating electrical systems into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD has improved communication

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use schematic creation tools

  • Industry standard electrical, hydraulic, and P&ID symbols

  • Symbol and manufactured part searching

  • Automatic and customizable wire numbering and device tagging

  • Automatic drawings for complex I/O devices like PLCs and high density connectors

  • Automatic terminal strip drawings

  • Automated reporting, including BOMs, wire and cable from/to lists

  • Design checks, such as voltage drop calculation, identification of short circuits, unused terminals, or even signal type mismatches
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