SOLIDWORKS 2016 allows designers to replace a missing mate reference whenever a mate loses its reference due to geometry changes.

After replacing the Mate Reference for one mate, a dialog box offers the option to replace the reference in all other mates with the same missing reference.

For a detailed explanation of this new feature please download this PDF.

What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2016: Globally Replace Mate References

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This DDi CADcast covers “Purging Unused Features”, an excerpt from the Assemblies section of the “What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2016″.


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When working with assemblies that have many instances of compound motion or degrees of freedom between components it can be difficult to just drag components and get the desired motion. In SOLIDWORKS 2016 there is now a separate tool available to temporarily fix and group components.

To learn more about the Temporary Fix/Group tool available in SOLIDWORKS 2016 please review this PDF:

What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2016: Temporarily Fix Components

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With the proliferation of 3D Printing in the last couple years SOLIDWORKS 2016 brings enhancement to its ‘Print 3D’ option. You can now send your SOLIDWORKS models directly to your connected 3D printer along with some great utilities to assist in setting up the print job. This is a nice addition to SOLIDWORKS, because you don’t need to use slicing software between SOLIDWORKS and your 3D printer.

For more information on the enhancements to SOLIDWORKS please review this PDF:

What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2016 – 3D Printing

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One of the great new enhancements in the updated user interface to SOLIDWORKS 2016 is the expandable PropertyManager input boxes. These are the areas that hold the selections for a command or feature. In SOLIDWORKS 2016 when a PropertyManager contains an input box that lists selections, the list expands to show all selections. You can also drag the bottom of the list to control its size.

For a closer look at this new enhancement to the PropertyManager please review this PDF:

What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2016: Expandable PropertyManager Input Boxes

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