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Customizing Toolbar Buttons

Did you know you can customize your toolbar buttons?  Not only can you add or remove buttons from your toolbars but you can also reorder the existing buttons.  All you have to do is to go to the Tools pull-down menu and choose “Customize”.  This will pop up the Customize dialog box and you can then click on the Commands tab near the top.  Then you will see a list of available toolbar buttons broken down into Categories.  You only need to click on a category to see the available buttons for it on the right.  If you are not sure what the butttons are simply click on one and you will see a description of it near the bottom of the dialog box.  To add a button to a toolbar just drag it from the Customize dialog box and drop it on the desired toolbar.  You can put any button on any toolbar.  For example you could add a sketch tool to the features toolbar.  While the Customize dialog box is open you can also drag and drop butttons off of your toolbar to the graphics area to remove them from a toolbar or you can reorder existing buttons on the toolbars by dragging them to the desired location.


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