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Not able to unsuppress a component?

SolidWorks is not prompting me to find the missing parts, why? We have been getting allot of calls on people not able to unsuppress parts, or when they open an assembly half of the parts are suppressed and they can’t be unsuppressed.  It used to prompt me when I had a missing part, what happened?

In SolidWorks 2008, SolidWorks improved the option on error message dialog boxes, “Don’t ask me again”.  Well the improvement was that in SW2007 and older then these error messages always seemed to come back next time you restarted SolidWorks.

So through the SolidWorks enhancement requests, they got rid of the error messages permently when you check that box.

In order to bring back dismissed messages, Tools/Options, click Advanced and check the message “Unable to locate file ____. Would you like to find it yourself?”

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