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Written by the DDi technical team, these whitepapers provide much more in-depth technical information on specific areas of enhancements.



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Can’t make the live events or want to see it again? All events will be recorded and available here to see when the time is right for you.



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Learn our technical team’s favorite new features in SOLIDWORKS 2016 and how to get the most productivity from these features.



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The SOLIDWORKS EPDM 2015 licensing mechanism has been updated to use the SolidNetwork License Manager. This means administrators no longer have to log into a Customer Portal Account to acquire a new license file each year but instead can rely on the SOLIDWORKS Activation server to acquire a new license. This is more convenient during upgrades and when adding or removing assets from a license of EPDM. Simply reactivate the license and any upgrades or license changes are automatically read into the system.

In order to upgrade to the new licensing mechanism you’ll need to follow these steps:

1 – Disable ‘Automatic Log-off ‘ from a 2014 or older installation. This will be found under the License portion of the Administration application. After logging into the vault simply disable this feature before upgrading.

2- During the upgrade process to EPDM 2015 you’ll need to install the License Server product.

















3- On the License Information screen of the SolidNetwork License Manager installation enter your 24 digit EPDM serial number.


















4- After completing the installation launch the SolidNetwork License Manager application. If there are no other network licensed products on the server you will be prompted to activate the license server.









Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process either on-line or via email.

Once the activation is completed you will need to log into the newly upgraded Administration application. Select the License section on the right side of the Administration application.














Your newly activated EPDM license should show the appropriate license information.

** Note that it is possible to use an existing 2015 SolidNetwork License Manager to license EPDM. If a server exists simply add the EPDM serial number to the existing 2015 server and enter the server name in the Administration application. The license server can be another server on the network but TCP ports 25734 & 25735 must be opened to make sure communication functions correctly.

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As hardware continues to change to adapt to new technologies, so must SOLIDWORKS.  32 bit operating systems suffer from a very big limitation.  The virtual address space usable by a 32 bit operating system is 4 GB of RAM. This means that the operating system is incapable of using more than 4 GB of RAM even if your computer had more RAM installed.  At the time 32 bit operating systems were created (over a decade ago) the idea of 4 GB of RAM was unthinkable.  At that time the common machine measured RAM in megabytes (MB).  Of course now you can purchase a new machine with over 40 GB of RAM so this limitation needed to be addressed.  This lead to the 64 bit operating system.  The modern 64 bit Windows operating system will support up to 8 TB of RAM, meaning it will support RAM upgrades for years to come.  What does all this mean to the average SOLIDWORKS user?   You will not be able to install SOLIDWORKS 2015 on a 32 bit computer.  This limitation in usable RAM and the aging nature of the 32 bit operating system means that as of SOLIDWORKS 2015 32 bit operating systems are no longer supported.


NOTE: 32 bit operating systems are still supported for the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM client software.

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