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SolidWorks Heard Podcast
CAD Dirt

  • A Little Update..

    The past 6 months seem to have flown by and I thought I would update you all on the plans of CADDirt.  As many of you know, I joined the team at Onshape in May of this year to contribute to the next generation of CAD.  The team and experiences have been nothing short of amazing but we have lofty goals (no pun intended) and we have all been heads down since starting our pre-production testing.

    I know a few of you have had eyes on what we are up to and I can't wait when we lift the NDA so I can talk more openly about it.  With the focus on work, adjustment in schedules and the nature of our NDA, I have been at a loss for time to record but soon there will be shows again!  I miss talking about CAD related tech and it was very weird to not to record the What's New this year for SolidWorks 2015. 

    Personally I have dug deeper into a few tech projects, especially now that I code more at work then I used to.  Life at a start-up brings you back to basics and teaches you to venture out of your comfort zones, picking up skills you might not have had and forces you to brush off the cob webs on skills that have gone dormant.

    Lately the best place to find me is on Google Plus and I still tag a lot of tech articles which are posted there or on Twitter @caddirt.  Thank you all for the outreach and I know that 2015 is going to be another stellar year for tech and cad!  ~Lou

  • SolidWorks Heard is now CAD Dirt!

    Hi everyone! It has taken longer than anticipated to get this transition complete. I am hoping to get the first show out here in the next week after the Independence Day here in the US.

    As mentioned before, the focus of CAD Dirt will be to continue to highlight what is new in the CAD, Engineering and Web space. I am working hard to finish up the branding changes and have started a sub-reddit at http://caddirt.reddit.com where anyone can submit and vote on the stories to cover from the week. Here are also the updated social sites as well:


    - Google+

    - Facebook

    - Twitter

    So still a work in progress but can't wait to get started digging into all that is new in tech related to and part of our industry!  ~Lou