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Product Matrix

SOLIDWORKS software packages provide a range of capabilities for a comprehensive design solution.


SOLIDWORKS 3D Solid Modeling Software

SOLIDWORKS mechanical design software helps you reduce the product design cycle by improving communications for everyone involved in the design to market cycle and making it easier to discover potential problems early in the process. Choose from:
•    SOLIDWORKS Premium
•    SOLIDWORKS Professional
•    SOLIDWORKS Standard


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Software

SOLIDWORKS Simulation software provides the power to test a virtual model of your product prior to manufacturing or creating a physical prototype. It’s about cutting the time, money and material required to bring products to market. Simulation products include:
•    Simulation Premium
•    Simulation Professional
•    Flow Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Publishing Software

SOLIDWORKS documentation software simplifies the creation of assembly, maintenance, training and web-based documentation using your 3D and 2D SOLIDWORKS files. You can even automate and integrate the documentation process with the design process using
•    SOLIDWORKS Composer
•    SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync



Design Automation Software

Automate repetitive design tasks including variations of 3D models, 2D drawings, quotes, bills of material and other documents. Automating the design process with rules based software will allow you to gain a competitive advantage.

SOLIDWORKS Data Management Software

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM software insures that your team is working with the proper version, stops files from being accidently deleted, automates workflow tasks, replicates data for distributed design teams and secures your data in a vault.





CAMWorks with Machining Intelligence for Automation™ is the most advanced CAM programming software available for getting products to market faster, more efficiently and within budget.

InspectionXpert is inspection report automation and ballooning software that helps manufacturers generate inspection report forms and ballooned inspection drawings quickly and accurately.